In the past, tubing, casing and drill pipe recovery has been employed where chemical and explosive severing tools could not effectively sever the pipe.

A coiled-tubing-conveyed hydromechanical pipe cutting system has proven to be a viable alternative to pipe recovery when conventional severing systems are not effective. The system does not contain or require any hazardous materials, which makes it safer to use than conventional systems.

The pipe cutting system incorporates modular stabilizing devices that decrease the risk of the coiled tubing forces and the wellbore deviation from interfering with the cutting operation. The pipe-cutting mechanism uses several unique blade configurations that were designed specifically to address various metallurgical properties and dimensions. The cutting blades contain state-of-the-art cutting inserts, which were previously proved in various metal milling and cutting applications within subterranean wells.

A detailed description of the coiled-tubing-conveyed hydromechanical pipe cutting system, its operational function and a variety of case histories are discussed in this paper.

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