Coiled Tubing is a common method of diverting treatment fluids into wellbore formations in open hole and cased hole completions. The efficiency of the treatment can be significantly improved by increasing the impact force of the fluid on the formation.

The recently developed JetBlaster™ Tool has been used on some cases as the optimum BHA that can be used with Coiled Tubing for the efficient delivery of treatment fluids. The software JetADVISOR supports system hydraulic analysis and the design of the tool configuration in terms of nozzle and orifice diameter. This allows optimization of jet impact force or hydraulic horsepower, and ensures a sufficiently high rotational speed to effectively divert the treatment around the circumference of the wellbore. The addition of velocity increases the affectivity of the treatment.

In order to assist evaluation of the efficiency of the technique we have primarily attempted to treat a well that had formation drilling damage with the tool while pumping a non corrosive fluid that has no direct chemical reaction with the formation filter cake. The well was then put on the test to see the increase in production and wellhead pressure and the results recorded and compared. Then the same treatment was repeated but while jetting acid, then the well was once again put on test.

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