Lighting circuiting design is often perceived as a simple exercise in a project. However, there are many factors that influence this design, which may lead to a poor overall design if not properly addressed. Like in any other engineering design, both technical and commercial aspects play a vital role in the lighting circuiting design. Safety in design is also dependent on the technical aspect of design. Also, since this design needs lot of close coordination between the engineers who work on the equipment design and sizing and the designers who take care of the physical aspect of the circuiting, a clear work process is required to be followed. With the added constraints in an offshore Oil & Gas facility in terms of space availability, weight restrictions and schedule pressure, required attention is required on the lighting circuiting design right from the beginning of a project. The intent of this paper is to discuss about the various technical aspects that go behind the lighting circuiting design and the comparison of different technically viable options in terms of commercial aspect through a qualitative approach.

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