The purpose of this paper is to share the Tatneft experience in digital training of the corporate petroleum asset field development teams. It was designed as an integrated program of reservoir development to provide practice of employing best practices of reservoir management over the years [5].

It is worth noting that over the past few years, many professional teams competed in various PetroCup Tournaments, and each team ranging around 10 members. These teams comprised multidisciplinary oil and gas engineers from various organizations across the world.

During each PetroCup session, teams are given a challenge to tackle various problems that exist in petroleum digital asset. PetroCup features a unique regional economy and simulates realistic conditions for field development. Even though each team is unique, statistics show that there is a pattern as to which field development techniques are effective and which are not. Asset managers will find this training facility very useful in evaluating the effectiveness of corporate Well & Reservoir Management and Field Development strategies and improving their efficiency.

On the next pages you will find previous session statistics which Tatneft teams achieve over the years, it will be used to determine the overall skill level of each team member and understand how their active engagement in PetroCup Tournaments affected their field development skills.

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