Fields X and Y are large gas condensate fields located on the Yamal Peninsula. The fields have a multi-layer structure, at field X, it is planned to bring into development 15 formations combined into 5 development targets, at field B – 18 formations combined into 10 development targets. Separate development targets include up to 6 formations penetrated with horizontal wells. In 2021, 4 horizontal and multilateral pilot commercial development wells were drilled at the fields previously studied only with exploratory wells in 1970-1990, which helped specify the petrophysical, conceptual, geological, fluid, and reservoir simulation model of the field. The new data helped make important investment decisions and switch the project to the Implement stage. During the creation and history matching of the reservoir simulation models of these fields, the small amount of actual data and the existing significant uncertainties in the initial data required to perform multivariant calculations and integrate all field studies (results of flow testing, gas condensate studies, downhole pressure and temperature readings, as well as sludge-and-water monitor readings obtained during downhole logging with coiled tubing) to determine the unknown parameters of the penetrated formations, the share of inflow from them and to narrow down the existing ranges of uncertainties. This work helped specify the RSM – the core of forecast production profiles that formed the basis of decisions on the construction of infrastructure facilities and drilling of additional wells to meet gas production obligations in 2025-2028.

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