Sand production of the oil well will cause a series of additional works, such as formation damage, underground machine ground equipment damage, workover operation and sand clearing construction of the storage and transportation system, which will increase the production cost and reduce the production rate, so it has always been a bottleneck problem facing the loose sandstone reservoir. The K oilfield is a typical shallow sandstone and heavy oil reservoir in Kazakhstan, which has been facing the problem of sand production. With the decline of the cumulative injection to production ratio and the decrease of the formation pressure, the problem of sand production shows a trend of increasing year by year, which has long-term negative impacts on development and production of the reservoir.

This paper systematically summarizes the technical exploration and practice of K oilfield in sand control, sand discharging and sand cleaning, and forms different supporting modes and methods for CHOPS, pre-completion sand control, sand prevention of production well and the well workover operation.

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