The main task in petroleum engineering is to achieve the maximum possible production of hydrocarbon reserves with low expenditures. Many reasons influence the economics of the project. And one of them is related to choosing the right location for drilling a well in order to produce unrecovered hydrocarbons. The choice of this place has a direct correlation with the geological aspects of an oil field. This paper showed that different facies have a great influence on reserves recovery on the example of the South-Vyintoyskoye field. The classification of facies involved the study of production data. This study was presented by analysis of core sample, application of models by Muromtsev, reading of well logs, and build-up of geological models. The construction of geological models involved work in IRAP RMS TEMPEST, CorelDRAW, Geoglobe, Roxar Program package. The subject of study was the reservoir rock BV7/3-4that is a part of the Barremian age formation. It was concluded that this reservoir rock is composed of mainly argillaceous sandstones, interbedded with siltstones and shales. Authors identified that this formation belongs to three different depositional facies. The facies classification showed that the A1 zone is associated with well-graded fine to the fine-grained size of sediments. The reservoir rock of this zone is composed of sediments that belong to the distribution channel of deltas. And as a result, it is characterized by its high flow rate of production wells. The reservoir rock of the A2 facies zone is composed of sediments that are related to the collapse of mouth bars and branches of deltas. This zone has difficulties in fluid migration due to the presence of heterogeneities and clay material as well as the drilling of new wells close to the given zone lead to the medium flow rate of production wells. The reservoir rock of the A3 facies zone is composed of sediments that belong to turbidity flows. In this zone, organic matter has been recognized as a group of ichnofacies such as "Cruziana". This zone is characterized by the low flow rates of the production wells.

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