The role of the Caspian Sea in the development of the oil and gas industry for our country and the world is undeniable. The discovery of new fields creates conditions for the development of efficient and modern technologies. The need for energy causes us to move away from the shore day by day and encounter bigger obstacles with increasing depth. Gunashli field sites are located 120 km from the shore and at a depth of 80-150 m. Studies have shown that during the inter-site transport of low pressure gas, mechanical impurities and gas leaks accumulate in the part of the pipeline rising from the seabed to the platform, which prevents the flow of gas to the low pressure compressor station. Low-pressure gas enters the compressor station with liquids and mechanical mixtures, which leads to rapid wear and tear of the working parts of expensive compressor machines. Initially, according to d'Alambert principle, the forces acting on liquid and solid particles in a vertical pipe were investigated, then the results are shown. Due to this results, we have proposed a new design for cleaning the gas at the bottom of the sea and transferring it to the separator.

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