The study field consists of four oil pays and is currently going through a waterflood trial.

Due to a presence of high amplitude faulting it becomes crucially important to understand the geology of the field and reservoir connectivity prior to progressing the waterflood project.

The results of the cross-well tracers have indication (some strong and some vague) of communication between a trial water injector and all oil producers in the same and adjacent compartment.

Since the wells were equipped with permanent downhole pressure gauges it was possible to decipher the cross-well communication using the Multiwell Retrospective Testing (MRT) technique based on multiwell deconvolution algorithm (MDCV).

The results of MRT study were showing no traceable communication between trial water injector and offset wells in adjacent compartment except one producer which showed a strong response across the fault.

By correlating the MRT results with seismic profile and well completion it became possible to establish how exactly the main pay is communicating between the compartments.

It also carried few learning points on how to interpret results of cross-well tracers and MRT in terms of reservoir properties.

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