Shaft misalignment is a common fault in rotating machines in the industry. Inadequate coupling alignment of rotating shafts often results in serious vibration problems and premature machine component failure. This article introduces the concept of using a laser shaft alignment system to improve equipment reliability, maintenance efficiency, and reduce rotating component wear.

This paper explores the concept of implementation of laser shaft alignment system on rotating machines in the Bulla field, Platform 6. For this purpose, an appropriate tool has been selected for further implementation. As compared to a traditional mechanical method, the proposed electronic approach has more accurate results and optimize the performance gained via the previous techniques. Additionally, the application of the proposed system is user friendly and faster compared to the previous method. The measurement procedure is issued as per system manufacturer recommendation, and manufacturer video training will be submitted to appropriate maintenance staff.

The novelty of the approach is to increase the reliability of rotating machines on Platform 6 in the Bulla field and develop Company maintenance processes by implementing a new laser measurement system.

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