The Bulla gas-condensate reservoir is located in the north-west side of Baku Archipelago, is one of the most complex high-pressure fields in the world, with close PPFG margins and reactive clay in the overburden. The objective of this paper is to share the experience of how the challenges in the overburden section are managed to achieve improvement in the well delivery, through the application of continuous learning approach and the use of new technologies.

The Bulla wells are highly complex wells in the region. The overburden shales are young sediments 250 to 1200 m to be drilled and cased off with 24" casing, this has significant challenges such as slow ROP, Bit Balling and tight hole due to the shale swelling. These challenges can lead to issues such as stuck pipe and lack of zonal isolation. To overcome the challenges and similar cases in well delivery, continuous improvement (CI) techniques and new technologies were evaluated and applied in the project.

The CI approach helped identify the issues in the delivery of the overburden and actions taken resulted in significant improvement in well delivery and reduced the risks. The issues were worked on, and most feasible solution was chosen. The improvement plan has been risk assessed for the challenges of handling large volumes, possible losses, spillage etc. and risk control actions are implemented. The next well was drilled with higher operational efficiency, cost optimization and better hole quality to achieve zonal isolation by proper placement of cement. Further improvements were planned for the next wells in the field, by extending under reaming range through the application of new technologies. For 18 5/8" casing, a hole size of 24" required, this was drilled using multiple trips due to tool limitations. By using the advanced drilling dynamics software, BHA along with the required under reamer identified tools and design the section was delivered in one run. The application of this approach will not only reduce the time and cost but will also will help to deliver a quality well bore.

The study provides an overview of how CI can be effectively implemented to achieve the overall improvement in the performance of the well delivery. Additionally, it gives insight on how new technologies in BHA design and reaming can improve the drilling performance.

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