The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every facet of global society. It has become evident that the impacts of this pandemic will be far-reaching and long lasting. The abstract showcases how producing entities can stand up to pandemic by initiating manpower demographical study, working schedule adjustment, communication protocol and reinforcing online job training to proactively manage the workforce in a COVID-19 impacted working environment.

Entities should take systematic approaches to handle the crisis. To help employees achieve well-being in work and personal life, management can motivate employees to join Emotional Wellbeing Roadshow, and launch multiple COVID-19 campaigns to improve awareness. To support workforce continuity, an analyst can perform a workforce demographical study. Administrative staff have the option to work remotely at home, especially for senior or those with chronic illness. Working schedules can be adjusted to minimize the travelling for employees from areas with high COVID-19 rates. It is highly recommended to vaccinate employees and eligible family members.

For international entities with thousands of employees and contractors, the workforce is from multiple countries. The diversification of nationality, age, educational background and working experience can create challenges for workforce management. The optimal result for entities is to minimize the extent to which employee is negatively impacted by pandemic, while meeting the business target. Zero employee fatalities caused by COVID-19 and retaining key personnel are the ultimate goals of workforce management during pandemic. During lockdown, staff might continue their career development through e-learning. The workforce could also take online assessments to renew work licenses or maintain job accreditation. Gathering and face-to-face meetings are to be replaced by video conferences. If approval is obtained, employees and eligible family members should have the option to take the COVID-19 vaccination. Due to successful planning, labor cost can be within the budget, and might generate cost savings due to reduced travelling. Due to controlling spread of the virus largely benefited from workforce management, the entity can successfully pass the COVID-19 Compliance Audit conducted by business line, corporate or local government agency.

Entity should proactively respond to COVID-19 pandemic by providing support to workforce using developed tools and resources. In addition, mental health is treated equally as important as physical well-being. Furthermore, work style is retuned to recognize that virtual meeting and working from home could be successful and productive. Therefore, the workforce is always fully revitalized and the duty of producing never ceases in pandemic.

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