Considering the world faces an unprecedented challenge with economies everywhere affected by the COVID-19 pandemic there was an extreme need for coming together to combat the COVID-19 pandemic bringing governments, organizations from across industries and individuals together to manage this global outbreak.

From the early stages of pandemic escalation, SOCAR AQS realized that only diversified measures would minimize risks, fulfil the duty of care responsibilities and promote workforce resilience.

The establishment of the COVID-19 crisis management team ensured the continuous application of a proactive risk-based approach aligned with governmental regulations on the ground of the most up to date local and international information including the industry best practices. Access to the offices for all relevant staff and visitors was minimized, and the specific procedure for work from home was developed.

A combination of preventive measures at all worksites and transportation facilities is held through regular effective disinfection, health checks, continuous access to the required personal protection and hygiene facilities, maintaining social distancing, and careful tracing close contacts for all suspected cases. Health promotion to all staff is conducted through various communication means. Two-stage pre-mobilization COVID-19 screening was implemented through a comprehensive health questionnaire prior to commuting at the entrance of quarantine facilities. There was a week of individual isolation in the designated controlled quarantine facilities with optimal detectability of the virus by the fifth day followed by highly-specific PCR testing before entering operational worksites enables early revealing of an infection prior to its manifestation in the human body. Specific post-illness medical assessment is a key for individual healthy return to work is carried out. Considering vaccines as a critical new tool in the battle against COVID-19, vaccination of all offshore personnel is implemented.

As an outcome, the entire process provided a prudent way to ensure the continuation of uninterrupted operations resulted in zero COVID-19 detection at the quarantine worksites by follow-up of suspected cases during first eight months of the pandemic fight in Azerbaijan.

In conclusion, the abovementioned statement provides the guidelines for the workforce working on worksites or in offices, and clear expectations of the measures to be taken to ensure COVID-19 health management and smooth business continuity are maintained.

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