In case of brown fields and fields currently undergoing drilling, it is highly important to revise field geology to effectively design pressure support and further refine the existing pressure maintenance system if required. At the same time, the analysis of cross-well interference using Multiwell Retrospective Testing (MRT) is very useful for assessing its effectiveness, and is the main tool, that was used at one of the fields in Tatarstan Republic.

Conventionally to identify the geological structure and assess the reservoir connectivity it is required to use tools that could be quite costly, require expensive field operations and take up a lot of time. These tools include seismic surveys, paleotectonic analysis of the survey zone, tracer surveys and interference tests. Each of these methods comes with well-known disadvantages: weak seismic sensitivity to low-amplitude faults, poor resolution of tectonic analysis, long duration of tracer surveys and their low performance against man-made fractures and inconsistent extension in lateral anisotropy of the reservoir, huge production losses during interference tests due to receiving well shut-ins. In this regard, the MRT technology was chosen as the main tool for assessing pressure support at the brown field. This technology is fully fledged and is currently being implemented at a large-scale, having passed the testing stage on both synthetic and actual fields (Aslanyan, 2019) (Aibazarov, 2019) (Ganiev, 2019) (Kovalenko, 2018) (Krichevsky, 2017). Based on previously collected bottom-hole pressure readings registered during the well production and on production history of a set of analysed wells, the of cross-well interference was restored using multi-well deconvolution algorithms as well as proposals for production increase.

In accordance with the conducted surveys, the reservoir geology was refined, inefficient injectors in terms of pressure support was identified, and it was advised to redistribute the injection to balance it out that will ultimately lead to production increase.

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