Wastes injection when implemented correctly allows reducing environmental impact and in many cases reducing projects costs. However, often such projects suffer the support from regulators, local communities as well as have little interest from technical professionals. The goal of the paper is to reduce the fear of wastes injection by sharing the acquired experience on waste injection project challenges and opportunities.

The paper describes subsurface aspects of wastes injection projects in stages of feasibility and implementation, performed by operator for the offshore area in North Caspian Sea and onshore area in western part of Kazakhstan.

The operator investigated several wastes injection opportunities in different time. Drill cuttings injection (DCI) was studied for two locations in the past and a pilot DCI project was successfully implemented in 2013-2014. Wastewater injection possibilities were studied for onshore locations for water injection from processing facilities. Currently the operator is pursuing the project, which will allow using a DCI well for the injection of wastewaters generated offshore.

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