Reserve/Resource estimation plays a crucial role in a feasible oil and gas business. Tendency of producing more from unconventional reservoirs and their relatively new as well as different structure brought on a learning curve for the applications of new reservoir evaluation methods. This study clearly desribes all reserve and resource evaluation techniques, the latest developments in this area by providing a single-source up-to-date reference for reserves evaluation in unconventionals.

An extensive review of literature has been applied to describe all available reserve evaluation techniques and their utilization, applicability and robustness, the history of using these techniques, types of technologies which applied in conventional reservoirs and transferred to unconventionals, and their incremental benefits of usage.This paper includes a real worldwide case studies which are illustrated with applications, and briefly describes the challenges, drawbacks, also pros and cons case by case. In the end, each case leads to conclusions on the criteria of application of methods as they related to SPE, SEC and PRMS.

In this study, "reserve and resource estimation" of unconventional reservoirs is investigated. The techniques are described by giving their methodology, as well as identifying the crucial parameters and the key factors of the applying procedure for the estimations. For instance, the main key factor of reserves evaluation is consistency and abiding by the rules outlined by SEC, PRMS and other bodies in terms of technical and economic aspects.

Currently, some studies includes the certain examples of reserve evaluation methods in conventional reservoirs, and limited number of works in unconventionals. However, there is no study which is not only outlines the key elements in one study, but also deducts lessons from the real field applications that will shed light on the utilization of the methods in the future applications. This study will close the gap and become a reference study in unconventional oil industry.

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