An Agile well construction planning method was implemented to aid in a significant cycle time reduction for the completion of all necessary steps in technical design and review in well plan delivery. By utilizing this novel method, 8 fit for purpose well plan packages were completed and delivered in 3.5 weeks. While traditional process is often characterized by multiple, interdependent sequential steps and as such, can typically take 1-2 months for a single well. This prolonged timeframe is incompatible with an ever-fluctuating market environment and as such, a more rapid, well delivery method is required in order to deliver significant cost savings in a competitive price environment.

The Agile well planning approach deployed incorporated iterative and incremental development processes enabling decision making to be employed efficiently with a high degree of quality to any responding changes. This novel planning approach is based on working in self-organized, multi- disciplinary team, responsible for developing a project incrementally by periodically reviewing, assessing and applying any required course corrections to meet the project goal. It works by splitting the whole project into parallel tasks called ‘swimlanes’ that incorporate clearly defined individual timeframes, entry and exit criteria for each work item. This is opposed to the traditional waterfall method of delivering a final product only at the end of the planning phase, which may require lengthy rework if market and operational conditions change. The Agile well planning process resulted in the delivery of high quality and up to date well programs through synergies found in dynamic integration of geological, economical and engineering data. Interactive review provided us with a quick 1-day response to any changes while planning without major reworking of past material.

The result of applying these best practices helped in improving well planning documentation delivery pace from 1.5 wells per month to 8 well per months. This was achieved by the full integration of different disciplines, avoiding repetitive tasks and providing management more influence on the inflight product. Therefore, application of the novel Agile management approach in well construction planning allows more rapid well delivery whilst still maintaining quality in the final deliverables.

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