North Morgan Belayim is a mature reservoir with more than 40 years of production and injection. Low rate, low pressure and high water cut wells are the main features for the Belayim complex reservoir. Integrated static and dynamic study was conducted across more than 100 wells to have a reliable reservoir description, set a full depletion plan and determine bypassed oil potential.

Pressure and production performance and mapping of water cut, salinity and pressure were analyzed concluding reservoir compartmentalization. That was very consistent with findings from static describtion; Structure, Stratigraphic and formation evaluation components. Estimated recovery factor, RFT data and production logs showed the reservoir requires a new zonation as the current does not explain scattered measured data. Rock typing was performed for indetifying new zonation. Voidage replacement ratio exercise was used to evaluate water flood efficiency.

After the study, the compartmentalization has been supported by stratigraphic findings; the reservoir is found to be composed of two big geological fans while there is no single evidence from structural aspects was found to affect connectivity between sand bodies. The rock typing was very efficient in defining flow units. A total of six distinctive units have been identified instead of three units. This helped a lot in distinguishing between producible vs inproducible zones after considering the permeability cut-off. This was significant in fine-tuning STOIIP and recovery factor values. The better understanding of reservoir helped asset team to change its strategy in such field development not only for optimizing wells’ locations but also for waterflooding management and perforation strategy considering low-permeability and high-permeability zones.

This paper is a good example for integrating static description with dynamic data seeking better reservoir understanding. In addition, this paper proves the criticality of crosschecking different tools in filling gaps and optimizing redevelopmetion options in mature fields.

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