The main objective of the HSE Orientation process - Green Hat (hereinafter Green Hat) is ensuring the awareness of the new hires about the potential hazards at the worksites and increase their safety competency level based on the unique training program connected to the staff performance management and competency assurance systems.

The Green Hat program is comprised of theoretical and on-the-job training phases, which are aligned with the probation period of employees and lasts 3 months. The program covers specific HSE topics related to operations in the O&G services industry. New hires complete the practical part of the program under the supervision of the mentor. To ensure safety of operations, new hires must wear a green hard hat in order to stand out from experienced employees. Once new hires successfully graduate the program, they become eligible to wear a white hard hat and move into the ranks of the regular operations team.

The Green Hat program enables new hires to become fully operational and adapt to the company's Safety culture and HSE standards in the shortest period of time. In addition, the program has generated the following benefits since its application:

Educated employees about safety, including its theoretical and practical aspects, with strong on-the-job training components;

Raised awarness and knowledge of new hires about safety policies, instructions and procedures in the short period of time;

Developed new hires’ skills allowing them to become proactive in all HSE matters, asessed the risk level of potential hazards and implemented adequate preventive actions in their daily activities;

Reduced incidents of safety violations;

Minimized injuries to and caused by new hires;

Improved mentoring and the learning culture at the work sites;

Improved operational performance of the company by reducing NPT and LTI;

Enhanced corporate financial performance by sustaining a strong safety culture and minimizing injuries, accidents, operational losses, and NPTs.

Several external audits have revealed and confirmed the strong safety performance benefits of the Green Hat program. The robustness of the program has been attested successful by ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 certification audits of the company.

Training of new employees on safety topics, achieving their full application of the safety culture and rules of the company at the work sites, on time feedback and assessment of new hires will lead to reduction in the number of accidents and hazards driven by human factors. The Green Hat program presents a full- cycle, cost-effective and feasible HSE orientation system that can be successfully applied in the circumstances of relatively young company operating in developing economies.

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