Significant progress in technologies development of well completion and stimulation allowed to involve in the development of reserves which 10 years ago were considered unpromising due to the too low reservoir permeability. Particularly significant influence of modern achievements on shale beds, which were previously not seriously considered as possible objects for hydrocarbon production. The success of shale oil production in the United States inspires oil companies around the world to study the possibility for the development of such objects.

On the territory of the Russian Federation is perhaps the largest area of shale formation of the world – Bazhenov formation. In 2016, PJSC Gazprom Neft for the first time for the Bazhenov formation implemented a full cycle of construction of a horizontal well with a Multi-Stage Fracturing, which on the level of the applied technological solutions is not inferior to the American analogues used in the United States for shale oil production. The length of the horizontal section of the well was more than 1000 m; the 114 mm liner OD was run in and cemented. The cementing operation was carried out with liner rotation, and the cement blend itself contained specially selected additives which were designed to ensure high resistance of the cement stone to the damaging effects from multi-stage fracturing.

The experience in drilling and cementing, completion and production operation of the well turned out to be positive, and in 2018, a pilot project started drilling a whole series of horizontal wells with multi-stage fracturing at two well sites. During the implementation of the project was found a stable relationship between the well production and the efficiency of fracturing, which is significantly affected by the isolation the anulus.

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