A significant number of small oilfields on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan are operated by small oil companies. These fields are mostly characterized by high oil viscosity and low formation pressures. Sheshmaoil Management Company LLC is a leading one among small oil companies of Tatarstan in many respects. The structure of Sheshmaoil Management Company LLC includes 7 small oil-producing companies, three of them (Sheshmaoil JSC, Ideloil JSC, Geotekh JSC) are actively engaged in R&D activities in the field of improving the oil production efficiency from wells through their evacuation.

On the oilfields of Sheshmaoil JSC (Severnoye, Letneye, Novo-Sheshminskoye and Krasnooktyabrskoye fields), 19 local structures are under commercial development, the objects of which are oil deposits of carbonate sediments of the Bashkirian and Tournaisian stages, Vereiskian horizon, terrigenous sediments of the Aleksinsky and Tula-Bobrikovskiy horizons of the Early Carboniferous, Kynovskiy and Pashiyskiy horizons of the Late Devonian.

55 oil deposits confined to twelve local uplifts (Svetlogorskoye, Zagonnoye, Dachnoye, Novo-Kadeevskoye, Krasno-Klyuchevskoye, Kuteminskoye, Vostochno-Kuteminskoye, Yasakskoye, Sukhoye, Grivinskoye, Yuzhno-Ulyanovskoye, Serebryanno-Klyuchevskoye) have been identified within the area of the Dachnoye field of Ideloil JSC. Eight of them are confined to the carbonate deposits of the Vereiskian horizon, 8 — to the deposits of the Bashkirian stage, 1 deposit - to the Aleksinsky horizon, 13 deposits are confined to the deposits of the Tournaisian stage of Early Carboniferous. To terrigenous deposits of the following horizons: Tula - 4 deposits, Bobrikovskiy - 16 deposits, Kynovskiy - 5 deposits. 42 deposits of oil are under commercial development.

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