The study presents a new crosslinked gels composition for water shutoff operations. The rheological behavior, PSD of kernel solution, propagation capacity and obtained RF/RRF values regarding on bottomhole conditions have been examined. Obtained polymer composition showed high resistance to the 30000 ppm water salinity at 62° C. Three different polymer concentrations used in experiments demonstrates good correlation with obtained RRF values. Therefore, observed deviation in RF values was less than 15%. It’s explained with relatively low viscosities of kernel solution. It was determined critical concentration of crosslinker leading to viscosity reduction. Comparison of different gels in various salinity environments showed particle size dependence on salinity. However it was less than 10% and has no strong impact on RF/RRF values. The propagation experiments were conducted on 1000mD/500 mD sandpack models. Adsorption experiments carried out on ACG core samples.

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