The sustained annular pressure (SAP) related issues are always actual and especially in oil and gas wells with high GOR. The presence of SAP may have a negative effect and cause numerous issues such as uncontrollable gas seepage to the surface (gryphons), well performance impairment, and increased risk of accident occurrence. To prevent accident occurrence risks increase it is necessary to perform specific downhole logging operations in order to identify SAP sources in wells located in a green oil and gas fields.

The precise SAP sources localization requires the use of highly sensitive logging techniques as measurable physical filed perturbations caused by completion integrity damages are small-scale. This paper describes the logging methodology of the spectral acoustic and high precision temperature techniques in combination with pulsed electromagnetic defectoscope. The key requirement of the successful operations using the above-mentioned techniques was to select and maintain special well operation conditions to ensure the optimal survey conditions for solving the particular issue without pulling out of the downhole equipment.

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