Stimulation is one of the initiatives to minimize production deferral. In Caspian Sea environment, stimulation job can be done through rig, which is not-so economical but provide more options to pump more volume; through simultaneous operation (from skid deck), which is economical but unfavorable in terms of space and opportunities generation; through simultaneous operation (from the vessel), which cater both advantages from skid deck and rig options earlier.

A stimulation vessel project was initiated in order to deliver first of its kind in Caspian Sea of a vessel that capable pumping stimulation fluids into the well. A conceptual design on paper was exercised. To progress the project from papers to real work, a transformation in a way of working and deliver the project is needed. As this is the first in Caspian Sea, there are multi-interrelated factors affecting the project and most of them are unknown as nobody been through this process before, either operator and service companies. The project will be executed with an agile way of working to meet stakeholder's aspiration, by applying agile values and principles to transform the feel and performance of how we deliver the project. Learning from experience that applying agile practices can improve our focus on safety, operational risk by promoting technical assurance, iterative development and rapid learning cycles. This technique proves to safely deliver the first Stimulation Vessel in Caspian Sea.

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