This research is aimed at enhancing the oil recovery and re-development of heavy oilfield by development geology as the development of many heavy oilfieldsin the world hasentered middle-late stages at present. The development effect has become worse and worse gradually. So, it isan urgent thing to look for any effective alternative methods to sustain the stable production of oilfield.

This research formed four key technologies of development geology. The first is micro structure fine interpretation technology for theproblem aforementioned. Second, complex fault block oil reservoir prediction technology, including multi-attribute reservoir inversion prediction technology, tracking and prediction individual oil layer by combining well-log and seismic technology, confirming lateral continuity of sandstone bodies by seismic phase shifting technology. The third is favorable oil layer accurate evaluation technology, including favorable oil layer identification and tracking and depicting succession oil layer technology. The last is integration research of hard-to-recover reserve development and rolling exploration through conducting oil reservoir optimum selection.

This research further exploited the favorable oil accumulation zone by deepened integral structure analysis, realized new breakthrough of rolling and increasing reserve on account of intensifying the understanding of old field margin area, set up layer division development model of hard-to-recover reserve based on originating the idea of fine evaluation of individual oil layer and well-practicedthe integration applicationof the key technologies of development geology in the practice of the main developed heavy oilfield in Liaohe Basin. This research has greatly enhancedthe oil recovery factor of more than 10% to the first development andfinally realized the stable production of theoilfield.

This research established three innovative concepts, holistic research concept of oil development geology territory, individual oil layer fine evaluation concept and building the composite development concept allowing for the coexistence of multiple well types and varied development methods. It would have an important reference value to the continueddevelopment of heavy oilfield.

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