This paper presents results of polymer flooding application to Kalamkas oilfield with high watercut and low recovery factor (RF).

The high layered vertical heterogeneity in permeability and unfavorable oil-water viscosity ratio in reservoir conditions (>20) of the field predetermined the need for chemical methods to enhanced oil recovery (EOR), such as polymer flooding.

Polymer flooding pilot has been conducted since 2014. The analysis is based on current and cumulative production data plus Production Logging Testing (PLT) and Injection Logging Testing (ILT) interpretations.

There is an improvement of vertical sweep efficiency in injection wells and blocking of washed water zones in production wells. The results of the EOR pilot show a decrease in watercut and an increase in the recovery factor.

Our calculations conducted on hard data from the oilfield confirm that a specially designed polymer flooding technology for Kalamkas brownfield development is plausible and commercial.

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