The execution of pinpointed multi-stage acid fracturing inside 4-1/8-in. slim horizontal open hole sections is discussed. For the first time in Kuwait, pinpoint stimulation of 16 frac stages across a total 4,666 ft open hole while commingling three reservoir sections in very low reservoir quality carbonate rock was performed. Pumping rates were optimized while managing differential sticking hazards in the implementation of this frac procedure. Electric submersible pump completion deployment and well testing enhanced production by more than 100% over the anticipated rate.

Stimulation parameters were optimized with 2-7/8-in. tubing as the frac string for greater reservoir penetration and productivity enhancement. Differential sticking was addressed by removing drilling filter cake prior to the frac job. Possible risks were evaluated, and mitigation plans were implemented which resulted in the successful application of multi-stage acid fracturing across the open hole.

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