The article discusses the possibility of diagnosing the multiphase flow regime in the multilayered reservoir by using DTS (distributed temperature sensing) data.

The analysis of the theoretical and actual curves of temperature build up and drawdown, corresponding to the main modes of multiphase flow of formation fluids are given in this article.

The possibility of diagnosis of the multiphase flow regime is found based on analysis and interpretation of the characteristics of temperature build-up and drawdown in different intervals of the reservoir at the start of the well or shut in, or by changing opening degree of the choke.

The possibility of diagnosing water breakthrough (WBT) intervals, based on the analysis of the changes in temperature curves according to the DTS is shown.

For a more detailed analysis and interpretation of temperature change curves in the wells more frequent DTS measurements are required. It is necessary to conduct a comparative analysis of the dynamics of the temperature and pressure redistribution in the productive zone of the well, with the results of geophysical logging, production logging, taking samples of reservoir fluids from different zones of productive layers in the multilayered reservoir, moisture metering, hydrometry and others.

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