Sakhanlin Energy Investment Company operates 3 offshore platforms in the Sea of Okhotsk east of Sakhalin Island in the Russian Ferderation. The Piltun Astokhskoye oil field is being developed by the PA-A and PA-B integrated drilling and production platforms. The Lunskoye gas field is being developed from the LUN-A integrated drilling and production platforms. The Lunskoye field is being developed using ERD technology and the sandface completions have transitioned from oriented perforations to open hole gravel packs. Executing these openhole gravel packs in these challenging extended-reach wells is quite challenging. And this is further complicated by the harsh climatic conditions around the island. Sakhalin Energy recently completed two of these wells successfully which are delivering over 400 MMscf/d of sand-free gas to the island's liquefied natural gas plant.

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