The late stage development of ACG field poses new challenges that can be addressed through completion technologies associated with new or improved methods of surveillance using Multidetector Pulsed Neutron (MDPN) instrumentation.

In this paper we will describe the techniques developed and deployed to address specific well and reservoir challenges. The topics will include:

  • Evaluate the quality of the initial fill and subsequent changes to various types of proppant with stand-alone and time lapse logging for Open Hole Gravel Pack completions

  • Identification of scale depositing behind the screens

  • Monitoring the gas cap movement and sweep efficiency in difficult environments (large casing in holes enlarged by reamer, heavy mud in borehole,)

The nuclear modelling has a key role in the early planning stage, enabling the selection of appropriate instruments and acquisition modes. This will reduce the interpretation uncertainty, and minimise the rig time and production deferment. Coupling MDPN measurements with innovative non-radioactive tracer doped gravel, enable a more efficient and accurate reservoir and well surveillance in Open Hole Gravel Pack Completions. The interpretational techniques combine the measured data with specific models of nuclear attributes benchmarked in yard tests that replicate some of ACG completions. Close quality control of the data during acquisition and proper communication with logging vendor is the key in to proper answers.

Using multiple nuclear attributes leads towards a more unique solution in such complex environments. The approach taken along with the results from seven wells will be presented and discussed in detail.

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