The Caspian offshore is a perspective area for new hydrocarbon exploration projects. Being an environmental sensitive area it poses some constraints in terms of safety and duration of formation evaluation and testing campaign. This paper discuss the importance of real-time decision-making process during the formation evaluation on wireline and well testing operations for exploration wells drilled in Caspian Sea.

All wireline and well test acquisition data was transmitted in real-time to all the involved parties.. Field acquisition system was equipped with high-speed mobile satellite connection to provide seamless data transmission and two-way communication. Acquired data were encrypted and stored in secure server installed in Atyrau region.

Data from all sensors was visualized at the rig and the town. Specialized software was utilized to calculate well and tools diagnostic parameters and provide interpretation in real-time to improve the whole process that allowed to optimize operations and formation evaluation procedures.

This paper outlines experience and lessons learnt during the real-time formation evaluation and well testing in Caspian Offshore. Zhambyl Petroleum is the company in Caspian Offshore where the real-time philosophy has been successfully implemented.

During the exploration campaign in Caspian Sea the real-time decision-making process demonstrated that the real-time is not only about transmitting data, but also integrating multiple analysis and turning raw data into valuable knowledge during the test. It enables the information to be passed to the right people and allows for the critical decisions to be made in short time.

Thanks to the real-time enabled transmission, calculation, visualization, improved communication and collaboration between offshore and town resulted in fast analysis and interpretation of the data. Allowing fast decision-making process to optimize downhole pressure measurement, sampling, downhole fluid analysis and well test duration. Finally the real-time led to saving of the valuable rig time and ensured that all the objectives have been achieved before the rig demobilization.

The paper provided recommendations for future wells drilled in Caspian Sea taking into account lessons learnt from previous wells.

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