Creating a positive safety culture in the entire organization is the one of the key elements in successful Human Factors management. The main objective is to illustrate that Safety Leadership Training programs designed and facilitated based on the Accelerative Learning method, are a key tool to drive behavioural change towards obtaining a profound understanding of risks, with an ultimate aim to promote a positive safety culture and as consequence reduce the potential for human errors.

Human Factors refer to environmental, organizational and job factors as well as human and individual characteristics which influence behaviour at work in a way which can affect health and safety conditions. Even competent skilled professionals working with the best technology may make errors, demonstrate unsafe behaviours and take unacceptable risks. Taking these factors into consideration there is a need to create a strong safety culture in order to have a positive influence on people's behaviour. Safety culture can be significantly improved via leaders through support and coaching. Safety Leadership training is a tool to educate personnel, help improve the safety culture and reduce risks in the entire organization.

The Paper illustrates how the following factors influence people behaviour at work:

  • The job - Matching the job to the person will ensure the most effective contribution to the business results. Physical match includes the design of the whole workplace and working environment. Mental match involves the individual's information and decision-making requirements. Mismatches between job requirements and people's capabilities provide the potential for human error.

  • The individual - Individual characteristics influence behaviour in complex and significant ways. Their effects on task performance may be negative and may not always be mitigated by job design.

  • The organization - has the greatest influence on individual and group behaviour. Organizational safety culture should promote employee involvement and commitment. For example, if person A sees person B breaking a rule without consequences, then person A is more likely to break that rule.

Safety Leadership trainings that are delivered based on the Accelerated Learning Method improve the Safety culture in the organization and impact all the factors that influence people behaviour. This makes it an effective tool for personnel's engagement in safety, promotion of safety behaviour and reduction of the risk tolerability.

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