This paper discusses the nanogel application for conformance control in EOR. The gel strength evaluation has been studied by nondestructive ultrasound-based analysis of gelation based on chronometry of ultrasonic signal transmission through the specimen. It has been proposed kinetic mechanism of the nanoparticles impact on gelation. It was proved by percolation task formulated for a continuous medium on the basis of gel electrical properties changes. Two crossflow layered artificial core has been used for treatment experiments. RRF increase up to 22% and oil recovery increase up to 6% OOIP were observed while nanoparticle addition to polymer gels. It was studied the gel bank's position impact on oil recovery efficiency and in-situ fluid diversion. Experiment results has showed that gel bank placement near production line placement is more effective and leads to 19% and 28% OOIP recovery increase for gel and nanogels consequently.

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