There is a quiet revolution happening in oil and gas reservoir management. For visionary operator companies ready to appreciate its significance it brings countless benefits, such as:

  • lowering the risks associated with flow assurance,

  • optimization of the wells’ performance,

  • maximizing the effectiveness of surface production facilities, etc.

All of these extremely important bonuses can be acquired by a thoughtful application of a single logging-while-drilling (LWD) tool.

At the long last, formation-sampling-while-drilling tool (FSWD) is added to the available suite of LWD technology. FSWD has an ability to take downhole formation fluid samples while being a part of a drilling assembly. Therefore de-risking operations and saving rig time whenever wireline runs are not convenient. But more importantly, it can scan formation fluids and transmit their characteristics to the surface in real time when the decisions on adjusting the borehole trajectory can still be made.

In authors's eyes it is no less than the most significant step to ultimate "Productivity Steering" — an ability to make informed decisions in real time on the wellbore trajectory that would maximize the value of the investment into the well.

The concept of analyzing downhole fluids while drilling and using this information is still new to the industry and its full potential is yet to be comprehended.

In this paper authors attempt to illustrate some of the possibilities FSWD opens up for oil and gas industry. It is hoped that many more applications of this technology will be discussed and utilised by the industry in the nearest future as it has a potential of a game changer.

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