Identifying injector-producer pairs and quantifying the strength of communication of a particular pair can be critical for injection management and resulting production optimization in oil fields under pressure maintenance. Even though surveillance methods based on actual data may help identifying injector-producer interactions, they do not quantify or rank the interactions. Streamline simulation, on the other hand, does not only provide excellent visualization of injector-producer interactions, but also quantifies them. However, it depends on the quality of the model calibration, similar to any kind of simulation.

This work developed a comprehensive visualization template based on streamline simulation results, enabling reservoir engineers to identify and quantify injection support, evaluate injection efficiency and come up with possible scenarios to optimize injection strategy. The template is built in TIBCO™ Spotfire®® for analyzing the streamline simulation outputs with user friendly displays. The template quantifies the support of a particular injector to the producers, different regions or reservoir layers over time. In addition, it calculates efficiency factors for all injectors and displays how the injector efficiency changes over time. The template and the method proposed in this study can support history match process via key visualizations for surveillance information such as distributed temperature sensors and production logs.

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