One of the advanced trends of present-day scientific and technological thought is the development of biotechnology, which solve such the challenges of our life as environmental, raw materials, food and energy. Biotechnology widely develops in the oil industry as well. Success of biotechnological stimulation methods is associated with the achievements of the petroleum microbiology. Studies of geochemical activity of microorganisms allow us to formulate and prove stimulation concept, which is based on the use of microorganisms - their ability to generate biogas, surface-active compounds, organic acids, polymers.

Microbial activity under reservoir conditions have a significant effect on physical and chemical properties of reservoir fluids, on the mechanism of the formation micro-processes and as a result affect oil recovery. Especially remarkable results have been obtained in depleted fields where application of conventional physical and chemical displacement methods is inefficient and unprofitable. Application of biotechnology in many advanced oil countries of the world gives positive results.

Due to the fact that onshore fields are in the late stage of development, marked by large residual oil reserves and degradation of their structure and quality, biotechnology is widely used in Azerbaijan. In the proposed report on the basis of long term experience we have provided the material on development and successful use of biotechnologies and their modifications in the oil fields of the republic.

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