When one of the production levels becomes so thin, that oil production using existing methods is unprofitable, it is better to operate it at the expense of the energy of a thicker formation. It requires development of new equipment capable to perform this function. In addition it should be noted when one of the reservoirs is depleted, maintaining of production level at the expense of other reservoir energy is urgent and may reduce the cost per one ton of produced products. To this end, a set of advanced equipment has been developed to operate these reservoirs. Designed setting allows operation of a low-powered upper bed at the expense of thicker lower reservoir energy. The new layer is operated by submersible, and the top one - by jet pumps. For this purpose, an advanced special-purpose packer has been developed allowing simultaneous wellbore and pump cable sealing. Products are blended and come to the land surface of the well along the central channel.

The unit has a special design back-pressure valve to prevent displacement of top layer products under more powerful lower pressure.

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