For the safe and environmentally sound abandonment of wells in the marine environment it is necessary to insulate the producing formation and sources of cross-flows located aside and the annular pressure, preventing the release of the surface of the reservoir fluids.

A newly developed set of equipment enhances the reliability of abandonment by the hermetic and securely-linked overlap inside the production string at a certain depth below the producing formation, and the conductor's (technical) outside the column at the bottom of the sea.

Complex equipment can be used both for elimination of wells with existing platforms or platform, as well as the abandonment of wells without marine platform or platform, with a curved or broken stem out of the ability to perform the necessary technological tripping operations tubing. The latest version of the liquidation operations are carried out by specially-equipped craft equipped with a team of divers to perform tripping operations with rope techniques and parallel descent and ascent cementing hose to install a cement bridge in production casing.

Installation of liquidation cutting equipment includes a wellbore at 1,0 ÷ 1,2 m from the seabed and directly riser at the seabed.

Installing the packer-plug in the production string is fulfilled by downhole hydraulic jack run by a cable and two high-pressure hose. For reliable covering conductor's (technical) column there are fulfilled the run and installation of mechanical and hydraulic packer at outer surface of conductor packer.

The packaging arrangement allows for molding internal pressure as planted in the production casing packer plug-top and planted on the outer surface of the outer conductor's column packer inside.

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