Process Safety is critical to meeting key operational excellence objectives in today’s oilfield, and it is necessary to implement the right processes, organizational capability and technical improvements.

One approach to increasing the effectiveness of Process Safety is a new Business Intelligence (BI) capability called Process Safety Dashboard (PSD). Tengizchevroil (TCO) has now defined, designed, developed and deployed a first release PSD solution in the 2013-2014 period. Users of PSD can interactively visualize and analyze leading and lagging indicators of process safety incidents. The lagging metrics chosen for this integration include Loss Of Containment (LOC) events and their undesired consequences like spills, gas releases, fires and explosions and workforce injuries. The goal is to align and correlate these metrics with a longer list of leading indicators that include metrics like Temporary Leak Repairs, Overdue Process Hazard Analysis, Overdue Tests and Inspections of Critical Equipment and Pressure Safety Valves, Pressure Relieve Device activations, etc. All the data behind PSD is integrated within and provided through a single and trusted source of information called Data Foundation, which also runs complex business rules to derive some information, like detecting overdue statuses. Users ranging from management level to functional team leads are able to visualize these data sets in time series and drill down and filter in a number of dimensions to identify business insights. This presentation introduces the scope, design and use cases of the TCO Process Safety Dashboard solution.

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