Gas condensate has become very important because the liquid makes it a high-quality hydrocarbon fluid. Tight gas condensate reservoirs may contain large reserves, but can be extremely costly to develop. The Baimiao gas condensate reservoir is a deep, structurally complex, low- permeability play with a high condensate yield.

This kind of tight gas condensate reservoir encounters many challenges in its exploitation, especially well bottom-hole liquid dropout. Many of the producing wells in the Baimiao tight gas field do not naturally produce the liquids that dropout in-situ around the wellbore. Thus, it is imperative that innovative and effective technologies are applied to lift the condensate-collecting bottom-hole, ultimately prolonging the life of the well and improving the reservoir gas recovery. The techniques used include liquid drainage with narrow tubing, a newly designed plunger gas-lift with a skid-mounted gas-lift, and an interstitial gas-lift.

During the last five years, the Baimiao operator team used integrated gas-lift technology and fine operating procedures to produce the gas condensate. The primary objective of this paper is to advance the understanding of multiphase flow production within tight gas condensate reservoirs. To achieve the objective, a series of closed-gas-lift techniques for field application were introduced; the results from the application of the techniques are presented. Field example summaries are presented at the end of the paper.

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