OSHA Process Safety Management Program refers to a set of requirements for managing hazards associated with the processes using highly hazardous chemicals, such as toxic, reactive, flammable or explosive substances. The current hydrocarbon production and processing technologies make Process Safety Management (PSM) Program a critical component for safe operation of refining ventures and gas processing plants.

Process Safety Information (PSI) can be considered the keystone of PSM Program. In order to be in compliance with the OSHA PSM Program the process safety information shall include:

  1. Information pertaining to the hazardous chemicals used or produced by the process;

  2. Information pertaining to the process technology;

  3. Information pertaining to the equipment in the process.

The objective of this paper is to demonstrate that Tengizchevroil effectively manages some of the Process Safety Information key components at Tengiz field (Kazakhstan) to ensure safe and controlled field operation, as well as to share lessons learned.

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