For CO2 enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) and CO2 storage projects, cost estimates have wide-ranging impacts on site screening and feasibility studies, concept selection, development planning, and production optimization. Good cost estimating practice requires technical knowledge about the project, a comprehensive scope, and a systematic approach. However, the quality of a cost estimate is probably most dependent on the quality of the data on which it is based. In the case of CO2-EOR and CO2 storage projects (CO2 projects), cost estimators face significant challenges regarding the availability and quality of data. The purpose of this paper is to organize and consolidate information on capital and operational costs for CO2 projects. A review was undertaken to identify and describe sources for cost data by major project components. There are sections for drilling, surface facility capital cost, and operation and maintenance cost. This survey can serve as a departure point for CO2 project cost estimators.

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