MOL (Hungarian Oil and Gas Company) in cooperation with ELGI (Hungarian National Research Institute-) recently have completed a screening study in order to determine the CO2 storage potential of HC fields operated in Hungary. Altogether 180 oil or gas reservoirs were involved into the investigation. Integrated data bases were available for the specialists for determination of potential volumetric of the fields. To accelerate the screening process relating to the deep saline aquifers a new methodology was worked out which based on the compressibility of the formations and the highest applicable overpressure. The details of this solution will be presented in details. Based on the conclusions of this study a group of the potential fields were set up providing an important input to the ongoing feasibility study.

As a second step, a desktop survey of the whole CCS value chain was concluded. The biggest existing emitters were mapped with their yearly and daily CO2 output and with the operating technological solutions. Third element of the investigation was the determination of the possible transportation routs of the captured CO2. This integrated approach seemed to be a solid base to determine the optimal connections between the target storage fields and the emitters. The details of the screening process and the target capacities will be summarized in the paper.

A Consortium (MOL, Matra Power Plant, ELGI) established for preparing a feasibility study of the most possible CCS project possibility in Hungary, details will be found in the paper as well, showing the technical solutions of capture, transport and storage plans with economics issues.

Preliminary economics resulted that a full value chain CCS might be viable only with at least 50% EU subvention (both CAPEX and OPEX side), and relatively high and continuously growing CO2 prices (40EUR/t in 2012 growing up to 55 EUR/t in 2020) are the most critical financial issues for the successful project initialization.

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