Because storage of CO2 for climate change mitigation is still an emerging industry, very little has been written on the topic of cost-effective remediation strategies for geological storage of CO2. The purpose of this presentation and paper is to begin to fill this gap in publically available technical information.

Much of the background that serves as the technical and experiential source for remediation of CO2 storage wells and sites has been drawn from our experience with the gas storage and the CO2 enhanced oil recovery industries. This paper compiles these past experiences and adds an overlay of the unique facets of geological storage for establishing a remediation strategy and a workable plan for CO2 storage, particularly in saline formations.

In addition, the paper highlights the importance of thorough site selection, rigorous well design and completion practices and the need for a monitoring system that provides an "early warning" of impending problems. The paper also reviews advanced well remediation strategies used by the gas storage industry to restore well productivity of potential value to establishing cost-effective CO2 storage in lower permeability formations.

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