This paper provides substantial and compelling evidence from API (American Petroleum Institute) CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) Work Group and other studies of CO2 EOR (enhanced oil recovery) and CCS projects showing that CO2 capture, transport, and (GS) geologic-sequestration can be a safe and effective method to reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and mitigate climate change. The paper summarizes how the oil and gas (O&G) industry has achieved great success in engineering the process to capture, transport, and inject CO2 in EOR projects. This success is seen in over 37 years of safe and environmentally friendly large-scale operations, lessons learned, technical advancements, and millions of tons of CO2 injected. Third party investigations to evaluate this successful record are discussed, including some completed ones that have published statements validating the O&G industry's success. Now that CCS is being widely considered and a few countries have begun to implement commercial-scale CCS projects, technology transfer efforts such as this paper are needed to share the experience of the oil and gas industry and the major contribution it can make as part of the solution for climate change.

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