This paper presents the preliminary results of a Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) trial in a horizontal well for the first time in the State of Kuwait.

The horizontal well was completed in a viscous crude oil bearing shallow unconsolidated sandstone reservoir of Middle Miocene age located in north of the State of Kuwait, in an area where currently several pilot projects are undergoing execution using mobile production facilities and permanent production facilities.

The drilling of the horizontal well was a challenge in terms of reservoir shallowness utilizing conventional drilling rig for vertical wells. The well was completed with 5" slotted liner sizes in an open hole section to prevent sand production and maintain hole stability. The artificial lift method deployed was high temperature tolerance All Metal Progressive Cavity Pumps (AMPCP). The well was equipped with unified Rod BOP which allow CSS operation without any intervention. The unified rod BOP reduces the nonproductive time (NPT) and oil deferment during the CSS process. Therefore, no need to change the X-Mass tree as the setup is applicable for injection and production phases.

The horizontal well started production for a short period of cold production phase followed by a Cyclic Steam Stimulation Cycle (CSS) for well productivity evaluation. The well's cold production, injection performance, production performance post CSS, and the AMPCP artificial lift performance shall be presented in this paper. Monitoring and surveillance detailed plans including nearby drilled observation wells were utilized in CSS performance assessment. The overall wells performance is showing encouraging and promising results for further optimization and field development.

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