Oil recovery from naturally fractured carbonate reservoirs has always been a challenging task because of two inherent features, (1) Fracture networks which aggravate the effectiveness of water or chemical flooding and (2) Oil-wet matrix which limits the capillary imbibition process that governs the recovery in the fractured reservoirs. To overcome these challenges, we propose a technique that combines two existing enhance oil recovery (EOR) methods. Millimeter-sized preformed particle gels (PPGs) treatment along with surfactant imbibition. This coupled method can improve the imbibition process by providing fast transport mechanism for the surfactant to the oil-wet matrix which will accelerates the recovery rate. The coupled injection of PPGs and surfactant will result in a higher injection pressure gradient in the reservoir because of the high flow resistance resulting from the gel particles. Which will generate an additional force to divert surfactant into the matrix area thus forced imbibition can be realized. The combination of PPG treatment and surfactant imbibition can be a viable EOR process that will provide more cost-effective method for improving oil recovery while reducing water production in naturally fractured reservoirs if the PPG and surfactant were chosen appropriately.

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