Liaohe Oilfield is the largest heavy-oil production base in china, and Circulate Steam Stimulation (CSS) is one of most important thermal development modes in heavy oil production. Utilizing the advantages of Hydraulic Jetting Drilling Technology, such as the deep penetration, more fractures connection, larger drainage radius and environment-friendly, as well as improve the heating effect in CSS wells, to increase the development performance of the remaining oil. This paper introduce the basic principle of Hydraulic Jet Drilling, and according to the reservoir characteristic of Block Gao-3624 in Liaohe Oilfield, optimize the design parameters, and meanwhile, analyze the feasibility for the application of Hydraulic Jet Drilling in combination with CSS measures, and finally accomplish the first domestic field application in the glutenite reservoir. From the field data, the increase extent of production rate could reach 200%, showing a great promising future for this technology.

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