Downhole electrical heating has proven as an attractive alternative of lowering the oil viscosity by raising the temperature in the formation. Because reservoirs with characteristics such as extremely low permeability, very thin pay-zone, and extra-heavy oil are generally not feasible for steam injection based Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques, and the application of low- frequency Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) has been demonstrated to limit the heating rate as well as the production rate. Hence, high frequency Electromagnetic Heating (EMH) has been chosen as a potential candidate to a reservoir for which other thermal recovery techniques are not suitable. This study presents both an oil single phase radial flow and oil-gas two-phase linear flow EMH model with COMSOL. Result shows that EM heating is practicable and cost effective under certain constraints in the real field. Parametric study indicates that the cumulative oil production achieved by EMH can be enhanced by a similar EOR approach called Single Well Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SW-SAGD) simulated in STARS for reservoirs with the above mentioned characteristics.

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