Data driven well models were constructed for a steam injected field producing 800 m3/d of API 8 bitumen from 100+ beam pumped wells. The modelling technique is known as Production Universe(PU) which gives real time estimates of oil and water flows for each of the wells during steady state and transient operations. PU tracks rates when wells are starting-up, closing-in and for transient flow oscillations, resulting in automatic daily reports of total production and deferment (low and off) for each well.

The deferments reports drive an exception-based surveillance (EBS) process by flagging the engineers of the largest production gain opportunities. EBS analysis and associated well remedial actions have resulted in an 8% production gain. Continuous estimation of well bitumen and water flows has allowed real time optimization of the entire field. This is achieved by continuously maximizing production within the plant water handling and economic constraints. The system knows how much oil and water the wells are producing and recommends rates for each of the wells to maximize production within the water handling capability.

The EBS process has been successfully running for more than a year. The RTO process has just been introduced, hence it is too early to estimate the incremental gain.

This paper will detail the surveillance and optimization techniques, learnings and associated work processes.

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